importance of personal kits at "The Infected" and a small guide.

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importance of personal kits at "The Infected" and a small guide. Empty importance of personal kits at "The Infected" and a small guide.

Post  sato on Fri Mar 05, 2010 6:38 am

Ok guys..i just wanted to share with my opinions about my first try about the game's first endgame STF (raid);

Unfortunetly i played the STF mssion "The Infected" with a pug team so just before the last boss "Borg Queen" 2 other players left the team and we tried the shield event before the boss with 3 ppl so it was fail.
So the info i ll try to give here is only abot the part before the Borg Queen.
My primary advice is for guys who just hit RA3 is to buy your very rare personal shield,personal kit, body armor and weapon with mark of explorations/honor. Because the space combat part of the raid is very short and you dont need very good equipment. The ones crafted at Memory Alpha ( the fleet can do this for you. See the related thread Garth posted) and the ship equipment/weapons/consoles with exploration or pvp badges will be enough for space combat.
After a short space encounter and destroy the Tactical Cube you ll beam down to Starbase 82. All Starbase is assimilated so know that you ll encounter hundreds of Borg. As i read from in-game zone chat the main mistake people do here is they ignore to destroy Nodes that are at ground. If you don't do that the Borg will not destroyed when their health hits 0. After a short time they will start attacking you with full health again.So my advice is before you enter a new room press "m" look at your map and locate all Nodes. Then all your team must destroy those Nodes ASAP first. After that you can easily clear Borg in the room. Another important pont is you should give primary targets to Heavy Tactical Drones b/c they do nasty damage.
You can easily go until the first Boss, Commander Ogen, if you stick to this tactic. Commander Ogen is much more easy fight then the Borg you cleaned your way to him. We found a very easy tactic that you can kill him with no problem. The person who has aggro of Commander kited him around the room while others cleaned the adds and then started to nuke Commander. He walks very slow so kiting is pretty easy. And my advice on this point is a science officer so can heal himself. Otherwise 2 must focus on kiting and killing adds will be slower.
The next rooms until Borg Queen's chamber have the same tactics. Destroy Nodes ASAP/clean Borg. Also be careful not to pull another group of Borg from next room. B/C Nodes from other room will keep all Borg alive.

My opinions about Personal Kits: they are the most important factor of equipment to make this raid easy. The team setup may vary in many ways but all setups must have a Science Officer with a Medic Kit MK X. This is the first time in STO we see importance of healer. Also an Engineer with Support Technician is a MUST in my opinion.
I was wearing very rare Tactical Kit - Operative MK X. it has advantages/disadvantages. Advantage is Ambush+Lunge can do very good amount of damage ignoring the shield. Disadvantage Stealth is totally useless. Borg attack you at stelath too. So i ll try other kits. So about personal kits:
* Science Officer with Science Kit - Medic MK X
* Engineer Officer with Engineering kit - Support Technician MK X

When i have a chance to encounter Borg Queen i ll try to write down my opinions about this fight too. So good luck and have fun at Starbase 82 Wink


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