How to beat CE!!

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How to beat CE!! Empty How to beat CE!!

Post  Papamamouth on Sat Mar 06, 2010 7:04 pm

Alright folks, here's what I found out and tested on ''CE''.

4 type of "creatures" in there:

Small fragment
Large fragment
and the entity herself.

If you blow the Large fragment with kinetic damage (eg: torpedo, mine, or your wholesome self) you end up splitting the Large fragment in 4 small fragments.
Small fragments have the nasty habit to run back to their mom (CE) and heal her, so if you dont blow them up big mommy get back healthy.

Needless to say that if you happen to be 4km from the Entity when one of those Large shards appear, it's likely they'll blow on you and you won't have time to kill the small ones, so you end up healing the CE.

Also the bigger are the Fragment the more damage they do.

When I next find the time I hopefully will go against the entity all alone and see if I can define what makes her produce all those shards. Meanwhile if you do figure out something on your own don't be shy to post it here.

I have yet to see that thing die and will do all I can to achieve this :-).

Cheers Folks

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How to beat CE!! Empty CE GB

Post  AveryFane on Fri Mar 12, 2010 12:42 pm

I've killed CE twice, this was how: (I tried to bring it up last fleet action and gave up, as everyone was too busy bickering)
SCI RA has to jam the fuck out of it, anyone else who can should, everyone moves fast, and slams the core with everything they've got. A few lower ranked ppl can fly around taking out the little chunks if they like- but if everyone just moves in a circle and busts the core it's a done deal. So far I've seen no advantage to clockwise/counterclockwise; and often see people shitting themselves over that- simply put though, it's an easy kill and I think we should keep killing it so Crydick doesn't nerf her further.

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