Fleet bank. Rules permissions etc.

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Fleet bank. Rules permissions etc. Empty Fleet bank. Rules permissions etc.

Post  Garth Algar on Tue Feb 02, 2010 6:50 am

Hey guys we have our own community fleet bank! The general rule is that if you would like something from the bank its yours but we would ask that you deposit the face value of the item into the bank (not the sell price). This will help our entire family as the items in the bank and our community fund will be used to keep ALL fleet members very well equipped. Some of you may not have fleet bank access and If you would like an item please let an officer know and we will be more than happy to fly over and pull it out for you. If you can't afford the face value let us know we'll make the deposit on your behalf.

Fleet bank permissions will be given out as your rank up with in our fleet. Showing your dedication and participating in fleet groups raids and pvp is a great way to gain rank. Doing that as well as helping others with in the fleet and staying involved with in the community on fleet chat and on this forum will earn you these benefits.

Fleet funds will be used generously to help out everyone! You may petition for funds that you need to an officer in tell or on this forum. We will also be using the funds to buy extra pages in the fleet bank.

PLEASE DONATE! Every little bit helps and if everyone donates a few credits here and there it will eventually add up to a lot! This will make our fleet and everyone in it a bad ass.
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